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Training Options

At Your Company Using Your Equipment              

Students learn in the company's own computer training facilities.  They learn using computers with the exact same settings they will be using on the job.  They may even be able to utilize company templates.

At Your Company Using Our Mobile Classroom                                            

If you have a training room but you don't have computer equipment, Launch can bring a mobile classroom right to your company.  Each student will be provided with a notebook computer with an optical mouse for the day.   We can also provide a projector to make it easy to follow along with the instructor.

Virtual Classroom                                                   

We can train your staff no matter where they are located using web conferencing software.  Once students log onto a website, they can see the instructor's machine.  A number of students can all attend at the same time or individual students can sign up for blocks of time.  It's a great option for your road warriors.


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